Disney on Ice Frozen Tickets Portland

The Disney on Ice Frozen show comes to Portland Oregon once again this year. A great show for all the family, for young and old alike.

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The Disney on ice show is one of the world’s most spectacular live events that you will ever see in your life. Not just because all the characters and stories that we’ve read since childhood all had happy endings, no. The main reason for this is the grandeur and finesse that the actors and skaters put into the show, all the while singing, dancing and giving you a great show. They have dedicated their time in order to make the show the best that the audience has ever seen. And they have fulfilled their mission as these shows are the number one ice shows in the world. With the many different costumes and props that they include in the shows, anyone would be fooled for a few minutes in the belief that it is all real. That’s the magic that Disney has brought to these shows.

The shows are spectacular and have a lot of minor details that go unappreciated. This is you’ll get your own mini-Disney on ice show (explanation) here to give you a small snippet of what to expect when going to one of these events. Going for one of these shows is an adventure that will have you excited and amazed at the same time.

Disney on Ice Portland Shows

The world famous Disney movie, “Frozen” was such a success in the box office that it resulted in a lot of revenue for the company and a lot of interest from the youth all across the globe. Even though the movie was great, there is still a strong tendency for children to witness the real deal. A play in a theatre is a great stage to portray the real-life version of the movie, but it isn’t enough to satiate the vast imagination and curiosity that little kids have. Instead of making an event that was on dry ground, Disney decided to integrate the “ice-cold” theme of the movie into the play – having the actors dance on ice.

Frozen is not the only movie that received a show on ice. Disney decided to make a large ice-event that tours all across the US, and worldwide, titled “Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream”. Every Disney character that you can think of are equipped with ice-skates and dance across the rink showing the enchanted stories of magic, romance and royalty.

There’s a whole world of stage movement and acting that happens behind the curtain that will leave in you in amazement and awe. All of the work is done for you to enjoy your time at the show and never have a moment when you’re bored or feel like leaving the show.

What to Expect at an Ice-Show

The Cast

In order for the play to come alive, a lot of skilled and talented actors were necessary. Under the production designer, the actors, skaters and scenery team members were orchestrated on a grand scale to make the Disney show have some finesse and style. Along with the actors and other members, they also required people that were professional singers that could endure multiple shows on the schedule. This just goes to show how multi-talented the individuals that play a part in the ice-event are. The next time that you take a look at a Disney show, you’ll be able to see the extra mile that these actors take to bring their characters alive on the stadium.

The Set

The show isn’t set on a skating rink that you would find your local hockey team practicing in the afternoon. For the Frozen Disney on Ice show, the arena is shaped into a six figure snowflake that hangs more than 30 feet above the ice level. This is to make sure that the snowflake image is clear to the viewers and there are no kinks or sides that are uneven. Not only is the floor designed to match the main theme, but there are also lights and animation that are portrayed onto the sky, whether the part of the story is in the daylight or night fall, in the dry weather or when it’s snowing.

Can Adults Enjoy These Shows?

Disney shows are always made to be family oriented. The songs and storyline are easily understood by the children, and are also made to be somewhat entertaining for the adults. There’s a lot of comic humor that is integrated into the storyline. The songs that the characters sing are catchy and are sang from the show and into everyone’s households.

There is some speculation that Disney shows aren’t really relevant to the adults as they are more geared towards the mind of children, but that isn’t the case. The reason for this is the way that Disney has marketed their business. There’s a high percentage that the parents of the kids have, or through their kids, been exposed to some type of Disney in their lives. By having this in their history, the appreciation of seeing the Disney characters still has a strong and profound effect on them. Plus, who hasn’t experienced the delight of seeing those cartoon characters from your childhood live on stage?

Tips about the Shows

Disney on Ice shows are very congested and are usually bought out by parents that have kids who want to come and see their favorite characters come to life. Similar to how fast football tickets get sold out, this is the same way that the tickets for these shows disappear. In order to get enough tickets, as well as get the best seats in the house, it is best to buy them as early as 6-9 months prior – that’s how much in-demand the Disney on ice show in the business.

The Music

Every song that is sang or played at an ice show are the exact same as those that are played in the film. Disney decided that it was important to stay true to the film. In order for the actors that portray the main characters to be found, they needed to be great in all the core areas: singing, skating, and acting. This feat isn’t that easy as there aren’t that many people that are great in these fields. But with Disney, anything is possible. They always find the right individuals and they are able to rise to the occasion. Disney on ice is a fun and exciting show that all the kids and family members can enjoy for years to come.